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Here are printable swimming coloring pages. All these printable coloring pages are ready to print. Please enjoy your time by coloring these images. Happy coloring.

Swimming has always been considered a complete and healthy sport with a low risk of injury. Indispensable for survival, swimming was one of the first sports practiced by primitive tribes. 

Free Swimming Coloring Pages

Swimming is the most relaxing sport. In contact with water, you feel a sensation of lightness, you don’t feel your body anymore, and you let yourself be carried by the water. Swimming is the best anti-stress sport to be practiced after work and favors a deep and restful sleep.

Swimming has the advantage of using all the muscles in your body. No part of your body is ignored from the calves to the shoulders, not forgetting the buttocks and abdominal muscles.

Swimming is ideal for losing weight because it allows you to burn up to 650 kcal in one hour by swimming at a moderate pace (compared to 600 kcal by running). 

However, it is necessary to be attentive and willing. Swimming once a month is not enough. Count on 2 to 4 sessions of 30 to 45 minutes per week to see visible results after a few weeks.

Swimming is the most often recommended by doctors for all athletes with joint problems. Indeed, swimming is practiced in near weightlessness and is not traumatic for the knees and shoulders.

Swimming can be practiced until the last month of pregnancy and is the first sport practiced after giving birth. Carried by the water, the woman no longer feels her body and can better bear the aches and pains of pregnancy.

Swimming is a sport that everyone can practice, regardless of age and physical condition. Moreover, swimming does not require investing in costly equipment. A swimsuit, a bathing cap, and a pair of goggles, and you’re done!

Swimming is often recommended to relieve back pain. But be careful, as long as you have a good swimming technique and avoid breaststroke and butterfly. Always seek medical advice before you start.

Swimming is ideal for working on your breathing. It is often used to complement cycling or to run. If breathing seems difficult to you as a beginner swimmer, you will gain breathing capacity and endurance with practice.

By practicing swimming, you benefit from the effects of water on your body. As the water passes over different areas of your body, it has a massaging and draining effect. Your blood circulation is activated, and your skin becomes firmer. The orange peel effect also fades gradually.

Like any other physical activity, Swimming keeps your spirits up because you secrete endorphins, also called pleasure hormones, while swimming.

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