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Lacrosse is a famous sport in North America, Canada, England, France and Europe. Now, you can play it through the lacrosse coloring pages below.

These lacrosse coloring pages are free and ready to printable. Also, you can use your favorite colors to make them colorful. Happy coloring.

Free Lacrosse Coloring Pages

Lacrosse is a combination of soccer, basketball, and field hockey and is played with a small hard ball and a stick called a lacrosse stick. Lacrosse has a basket-shaped scoop used to catch and throw the ball at one end.

Lacrosse is primarily an amateur sport played at the high school and college level by men and women. Intercross, the co-ed version of lacrosse, is even part of the physical education curriculum in many U.S. elementary, junior, and high schools. 

Lacrosse is a sport that requires endurance, as there is a lot of running involved, but does not require its participants to be exceptionally tall or strong, as basketball or soccer does.

Men’s lacrosse is played on a field 110 yards (100.5 m) long and 60 yards (54.8 m) wide. The game lasts 60 minutes at the collegiate level. 

There is 10-minute halftime, following the first two 15-minute quarters. Each men’s lacrosse team has one goalkeeper and three among the defenders, midfielders, and attackers.

Each game begins with a face-off in the middle, and like soccer, only the goalie can touch the ball with his hands. Although lacrosse is a contact sport. The players can be assessed technical and personal fouls for unusual roughness and checking with the stick.

Lacrosse has its origins in Native American culture and is considered the oldest North American sport. When Native American tribes played lacrosse, the field could be one to 15 km long and last for days. 

It was believed that lacrosse made men strong and better warriors. Some tribes “played” lacrosse with up to 1000 men on each side of the field. 

They would pick up the ball, then made of wood, stone, deerskin, or clay, and throw it to another team member while running towards the goal. 

Early lacrosse goals were either a single post or a set of posts through which they threw the lacrosse ball. Modern lacrosse was greatly influenced by a record-breaking game played by a Jesuit missionary named Jean de Brebeuf. 

The game was played in 1636 in Ontario, Canada, and followed a pattern similar to the current lacrosse game.

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