Free Sailing Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Sailing ships have existed for a long time, and even if some of them have oars, like the Drakkar or the galleys, they all have one thing in common: they are propelled by the force of the wind. 

The sailing ship also has existed in sport. So, we will give you free sailing coloring pages below. Please use your creativity to make them colorful. Happy coloring. 

Printable Sailing Coloring Pages

The definition of sailing is “to move on the water”, but if you discuss sailing with a sailor, they will understand by “sailing”: to move on the water with a sail. 

To do so, you must learn to tame the elements and become familiar with the wind, currents, and swell. 

Therefore, sailing is a complete sport that requires theoretical knowledge – about the weather, the sea, the wind – and a physical effort spread over the whole body to hoist the sails and trim them.

When you start to compete in a regatta, a strategic aspect is added. You have to know how to make the right decisions on the starting line to complete your lap in the shortest possible time.

Technically, you need a hull and a sail to make a sailboat! Your support can evolve as you progress, and we will call “sailboat” as well: an optimist – a small hull with a sail on which most of the time children evolve – and a massive trimaran of 30m length to cross the Atlantic. 

As its name indicates, light sailing is practiced on light supports where the mass of the boat is mainly that of the crew. There are several types of light sailing: dinghies (monohulls) and catamarans (double hulls). 

These light boats can turn over if the wind pressure on the sails and the weight on the hull are not well distributed, but don’t worry, desalting (=cavating) is part of the learning process!

There are also several boats in liveaboard sailing: monohulls and multihulls. Unlike the so-called “light” sailboats, these larger boats have a keel that prevents them from turning over and generally have a private cabin.

It is a complete sport that will make all the muscles of your bodywork in harmony, but that is not traumatic for your body. It is essential to be well sheathed to perform the different maneuvers and work on your balance. 

In addition, the sensations that sailing provides will have a positive effect on your morale: the freedom, the discovery of landscapes from the open sea, the iodine, and the sea spray. 

After a sea outing, a cruise, or a training session, you will come back home rinsed, literally and figuratively, waiting to go on an adventure.

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