Free Golf Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Today, you can have fun with the free golf coloring pages below. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of precision and is played outdoors. 

It simply consists of sending a small-hard ball into a hole in the ground using clubs on a defined course and making as few shots as possible. Concentration, precision, technicality, and endurance are mandatory qualities for this activity.

Free Golf Coloring Pages

Long is considered an elitist sport; golf is becoming a leisure sport with numerous courses for the general public. 

In France, the number of members has increased by 40% since 2000, and 600,000 people* play golf, making it the eighth most popular sport.

Many sports derived from golf allow considering it more iconoclastic. Everything is possible on the beach with beach golf, in the city with urban golf, with a Frisbee with disc golf, or on a cutting mat at home.

As far as “academic” golf is concerned, here are the main playing fields:

The driving range is an indoor or outdoor practice course designed to warm up or improve your technique. It allows you to shine on the course. 

The course is the area where a game of golf is played. It is composed of the teeing ground, the fairway, the rough, the green, the obstacles, and, of course, the small holes, always small holes.

Pitch and putt: a small golf course with 9 to 18 holes between 40 and 90 meters. Suitable for all levels and less expensive, it allows you to train your “short game”.

The goal of golf is to hit the ball as few times as possible to enter the hole marked by a flag. Easy.

For this, you have a maximum of 14 clubs at your disposal. Each one has its specificity and allows you to send the ball more or less far and high.

The course is generally composed of 9 or 18 holes. Depending on its distance, each hole can be played in 3, 4, or 5 shots. You start in the teeing area, then continue your approach on the fairway (meadow), avoiding water, sandy areas, and reach the green where the hole is located.

Let’s summarize. You have only one thing in mind from start to finish: to hit the ball with a minimum of strokes.

When you see the golfers walking around the green course, it’s tempting to think of it like a walk in the park. But it’s not. With more than 370 calories burned per hour, golf tones the body and helps lower blood pressure and harmful cholesterol levels.

Tonic, yes, but it is also a question of being powerful and precise in your shots. The flexibility of the gesture does not reside in the world of ideas. 

The body is fully engaged, from the wrists to the legs, from the chest to the forearms. It is from this suppleness that successful strokes appear. But not only.

Concentration, undoubtedly the queen of the faculties of the discipline, is essential. It doesn’t make you tremble. It removes harmful thoughts, focuses on the recommendations to be followed, and converts your desires into satisfaction.

Finally, and this is precious, golf is a formidable “anti-stress” that invites conviviality, a spirit of sharing, opening up times of discussion in the open air in a green environment tinged with a romanticism that is sometimes old-fashioned, of course, but in the service of an elusive elegance.

Following “verdant”, the previous sentence accompanied an inappropriate, pretentious, and uninteresting enthusiasm. Please excuse it.

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