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Are you a fan of motocross? Then this selection of cool motocross coloring pages is for you. Motocross is a competition of motorcycles on a circuit with rough terrain. 

Would you please use your creativity to make them colorful? And remember, all of the images are available at free charge. So, let us get your pictures below and happy coloring.

Free Motocross Coloring Pages

Motocross is a motorsport of high physical, mental and emotional demand, with a predominance of the combined physical capabilities on a Cross motorcycle.

Motocross can be performed in all kinds of environmental conditions, where the goal is to finish or reach the finish line first.

This sport combines the different physical capacities to have better control over the motorcycle in front of the different variants of the terrain on the track (mounds, sharp curves, potholes, surface changes such as sand, mud, stones, etc.).

These physical capacities that predominate are: strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, proprioception, independent coordination, agility or dexterity, and the technical abilities on the motorcycle are: speed, cornering, reaction, posture, peripheral vision, concentration, flexibility.

Because of the competition time, which varies according to the category in which it competes, ranging from 8 minutes to 35 minutes.

It is where cyclic and interval movements are performed (not repeated as in the case of swimming, road cycling, running). 

It is because multiple coordinated movements are made to the need of the bike on the track, such as standing, sitting, curving, activating obliques, etc. 

The activation of the anaerobic resistance metabolism is required. It will depend on a long duration of training but in the anaerobic system or not dependent on oxygen.

With a heart rate percentage above 85% (anaerobic threshold), that is to say, to use high-intensity exercises, short duration but with repetitive or interval loads similar to the competition time.

The most activated or predominant muscle groups are hip extensors, gluteus, quadriceps, hamstrings (primary knee stabilizers), shoulder rotators, and finger flexors (forearm), but not less critically adequate activation of the center of gravity located in the CORE.

We suggest resistance strength training, first developing maximal strength, that is to say, to overcome a specific resistance with the least possible effort (1 to 3 reps of maximum weight) and then increase the resistance of that strength. 

It is very complicated; that’s why you should base your training on loads explicitly dosed for you by a professional and based on your sporting goals. You should not be guided by training loads from the internet or social networks because everybody is different.

Not everything is physical work, and we must also developmental work with exercises that streamline our decisions on the bike, proprioception training, balance, coordination, mental skill, and agility.

Motocross is a sport where you are exposed to fortuitous injuries, that is to say, accidental injuries typical of the competition.

The most frequent are contusions and concussions, ankle fractures, wrists, clavicles, rupture of ligaments or meniscus, the famous arm pump, sprains or strains, and hematomas (bruises). 

And among the non-incidental are those due to overtraining such as contractures, tears, tendinitis, muscle fatigue, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular problems.

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