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Kobe Bryant was an American basketball player, one of the best scorers in NBA history. He successfully tried out for several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now you can get closer with him by coloring the following images. There are Kobe Bryant coloring pages here. You can get them and color them as you like. Happy coloring.

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His parents were Joe JellyBean Bryant, a notable professional player, and Pamela Cox, sister of basketball player John Chubby Cox, so basketball was breathed in the family atmosphere.

At six, his parents moved to Italy, so Kobe studied elementary school in Italian and more than basketball. At school, he played soccer, although his father bought him a basket to force him to practice his favorite sport.

As he told his teacher, he dedicated himself entirely to basketball and set his sights on the NBA. He averaged 30.9 points, 12 rebounds, and 6.5 assists per game with the high school team.

During his junior years, he already showed his best. He broke the Southeastern Pennsylvania scoring record by more than 500 points.

In 1995 he was the player every college in the country wanted, but after trying out for the San Diego 76ers, where his father played, then-coach John Lucas confirmed that Kobe was ready to jump straight to the NBA.

He successfully tried out for several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, rebuilding their roster around Shaquille O’Neal. 

Still, the Charlotte Hornets surprised them by selecting him with the 13th pick in the first round of the draft, when the usual choice would have been in the second round. 

Even so, his father pushed for him to finally join the Californian team, which traded Vlado Divac to the North Carolina team. Kobe was only seventeen years old and signed a contract worth 3.5 million dollars per season.

At 18, he made his NBA debut against Minnesota. Although in his first year as a rookie, a series of injuries prevented him from showing his worth. 

At the end of the season, he enjoyed a moment of glory in the Rockies All-Star game: with a superb performance with 31 points. He was proclaimed the winner of the slam dunk contest.

After the departure of O’Neal and other team players, Bryant became the team’s natural leader. For several years, he had good seasons, but his team failed to win the championship.

 In the 2007-2008 season when a player as unbalanced as himself, Pau Gasol, joined the Lakers. The Bryant-Gasol duo immediately proved to be a perfectly matched and lethally effective tandem, reaching the NBA Finals but losing to the Boston Celtics.

In the 2008-2009 season, he managed to win his fourth NBA championship and was voted the MVP of the finals. Then in the next season, he continued his brilliant career and achieved his fifth championship, obtaining his second NBA Finals MVP award.

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