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Fencing is a rich, physical, intelligent, and fascinating sport. Fencing is undoubtedly a combat sport: the objective is to hit your opponent while avoiding hitting yourself. 

And today, you can find it here. There is a fantastic collection of fencing coloring pages below. Please choose the images you like and color them.

Free Fencing Coloring Pages

From its prestigious past, Fencing has kept several traditions based mainly on the sense of honor and courtesy.

Indeed, Fencing allows its practitioners to blossom by developing their taste for effort, reflection, and sense of observation.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a warrior spirit. However, it is not a fight based on strength: a good fencer must know how to observe, analyze and anticipate. He must, therefore, also be a strategist.

Fencing is also a major French Olympic sport, where France has won no less than 115 medals, including 41 titles. But it is also a historical discipline, long considered an art, a military science. 

We have kept the dimension of respect and self-control from this tradition, which is dominant in training and competition.

Fencing is the art of giving and not receiving, or at least of offering more than one receives.

One generally likes to denominate Fencing the most scientific of the sports; thus, he is already to recognize these two essential qualities: to be a sport and science.

These three characteristics make the art of the weapons – let us put to offend nobody – one of the sports giving the most moral and intellectual satisfactions.

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