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Pittsburgh Pirates is an American professional baseball team that appeared in 1882. Since 2000, the club has played as part of the MLB and represents the Central Division of the National League.

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The team until 1886 was a member of the American Association. Location of the club in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh Pirates was founded in 1882 under Pittsburgh Alleghenys in the American Association. 

Their baseball fields were located in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, hence the name, although this city would be annexed to Pittsburgh years later. 

After five years without much success in the AA, they moved to the National League. In 1890 they had a dreadful 23-113 campaign. Since 1891, their official name has been the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The club’s foundation was established a year before the official registration, on October 15, 1881, with the advent of the Allegheny franchise. 

At that time, Allegheny city was a separate settlement, so at first, the group of baseball players was named after him as the center of the games. 

After joining the National League, the team received the name Pittsburgh Alleghenys. This happened in 1887, during the last term of Denny McKnight.

Today’s name appeared a little later and is associated with the collapse of the Players League in the 1890s. 

That year, Pittsburgh’s leadership signed a contract with Lou Bierbauer, another club member. According to one of the observers of the sport, the franchise captured him in pirate fashion. 

So the nickname “pirates” stuck. Eventually, the nickname became a brand name: pirates. This happened under William A. Nimick, owner of the sports group, until 1891.

Then two owners appeared simultaneously: William Kerr and Phil Auten. In the 21st century, they were replaced by Barney Dreyfuss. 

After 32 years, the club passed to William Binswanger and then (in 1946) to John W. Galbraith. 

It ran into financial difficulties, and in 1985 the team began to be owned by a local organization: Pittsburgh Associates. For Robert Nutting, the current owner received 2007 from Kevin McClatchy.

During nearly 140 years of history, the club has used 18 multi-format logos. The continuous shift of emphasis toward “P” proved advantageous. 

Today, this symbol is well recognized and patented by the team. The rise of various types of letter spellings fell from 1900 to 1935. During this period, the franchise managed to change eight logo modifications.

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