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The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American soccer team from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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The Philadelphia Eagles compete in the Eastern division of the National Football Conference as a member of the National Football League. The franchise was founded in 1933 to replace the Frankford Yellow Jackets.

The Frankford Yellow Jackets were a Philadelphia-based franchise that participated in the National Football League from 1924 to 1931. 

Despite being one of the best soccer teams in the country, the club went bankrupt and reorganized into the other franchise with new owners and players. 

The NFL awarded a new franchise to Bert Bell and Lud Wray for an entry fee of $2,500. It should be noted that these clubs have nothing in common and cannot be considered the same. 

In essence, the shareholders just bought the territorial rights to affiliate the team in Philadelphia. Thus, the history of the Eagles dates back to 1933.

In 1940, the club changed owners. Art Rooney purchased Lud Wray’s half interest in the Eagles. Rooney and Bell traded their franchise to Alexis Thompson, a longtime majority shareholder. 

Bert Bell and Art Rooney moved the players to Pittsburgh. The Philadelphia Football Club, Inc. used “Pittsburgh Steelers” (Thompson’s former team) until 1945.

Upon receiving full ownership, Alexis Thompson hired Greasy Neale as head coach. But the world crisis caused by World War II prevented the team’s successful development. 

The Philadelphia Eagles were then forced to merge with the Pittsburgh Steelers, forming the “Steagles.” After a period of depression, Alexis Thompson was the principal owner of the franchise until 1963, when it was sold to Jerry Wolman for $5,505,000 (1963-1969). 

The club was then purchased by Leonard Tose (1969-1985), Norman Braman, and Ed Leibowitz (1985-1994).

In 1993, Norman Braman was approached by film producer Jeffrey Lurie to buy the Philadelphia Eagles. His uncle, Richard Smith, agreed to help him buy the franchise. 

In May 1994, Jeffrey Lurie purchased the franchise for $195 million. When Bert Bell and Lud Wray founded the club, the country tried to escape the Great Depression. 

At that time, the president of the United States introduced the anti-crisis program as part of the National Recovery Administration, symbolized by the eagle. 

That’s why this bird was used to name the franchise and served as a critical element of the new Philadelphia Eagles logo to represent the spirit and ingenuity of the team.

The Philadelphia Eagles replaced the Frankford Yellow Jackets when they went bankrupt. The franchise was created in 1933 and later joined the National Football League. 

And in 1970, it became part of the National Football Conference, where it still plays as part of the NFC East. Lincoln Financial Field has been its home stadium since 2003.

One of the most famous professional soccer teams, the Philadelphia Eagles, went through several logos. However, all logos featured the eagle as a critical element: the bird held the ball in its talons, wore a helmet in the sky, or flapped its wings on a soccer helmet. 

The eagle symbolizes fighting spirit, determination, and ingenuity. The official color scheme contains green, white, black, and gray colors. They can be found on team logos in various combinations.

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