American Football Coloring Pages Pdf Free Printable

Welcome to you. Here are American football coloring pages! Here, you will find the players have a helmet with a grill, shoulder pads, mouth guards, and protections on the thighs, hips, and knees. 

This sport requires excellent discipline, physical training, and mental preparation. Please choose your favorite free American Football coloring page and print it out to color it! 

Free American Football Coloring Pages

American football is a sport that emerged at the end of the 19th century as a variant of British rugby, which in turn is a different version of soccer.

American football is a game of two teams, each with 11 offensive players playing against 11 defensive players from the other team. 

The offensive team runs or passes the ball into the end zone. The defense looks for a way to prevent this by preventing the opposing team from advancing towards the end zone.

The game consists of the offensive team achieving a touchdown as the primary objective or a field goal worth 3 points, and for this, they must advance at least ten yards in a maximum of four opportunities or downs. 

So that for every ten yards covered as a minimum, there are four more opportunities to seek the same goal of ten yards, and so on.

The beginnings of American soccer have their origins in Great Britain, with a mixture of rugby and soccer. Like many sports, the university was the place where it originated. 

On November 6, 1869, the game held between Rutgers and Princeton was the first college soccer game, although it was very different from today’s one. 

That all changed when the great Walter Camp, a renowned rugby player at Yale University, made some notable changes to soccer rules, for example, the legalization of blocking, down and distance rules, and the all-important line of scrimmage.

In 1892 it originated in professional soccer when a $500 contract signed by William “Pudge” Heffelfinger was made to play in an Allegheny Athletic Association game against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. 

It was difficult for clubs and teams to find athletic men to play locally during World War I, so they recruited players from other states. The American Football Association was formed in 1920.

Today, American soccer is very popular in the United States and, along with basketball and baseball, is arguably the most important sport in the country.

In every sport, several terms are necessary to understand the game’s dynamics and the whole culture. 

As for the players, there are the offensive players (known as quarterbacks), the receivers are the wide receivers, the fastest players are the running backs, and the center is the one who puts the ball in play.

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