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On this page, you can find one of the famous martial arts in the world. Here are the kickboxing coloring pages. Besides that, the pdf version is also available below. So, let’s get print and color them.

Kick Boxing is a contact training that has diffuse origins. This sport comes from American Kick Boxing and Eastern Kick Boxing. 

Free Kickboxing Coloring Pages

For its part, the American modality emerged in the United States, as its name suggests, in the seventies as a mixture of karate and boxing. 

At the time of its beginnings, it arose as the desire of martial artists to maintain contact in competitions. 

On the other hand, Oriental Kick Boxing was adopted by a Japanese promoter whose purpose was to create a Japanese version of the sport.

It is a sport that mixes boxing techniques with martial arts to combine strength and endurance in anaerobic exercise. 

The practice of this exercise can be either in a ring or in a gym, and the tactics used are considered self-defense. 

The techniques used are mainly to disorient and subsequently defeat the opponent. As far as punches are concerned, there are three types: the jab, the uppercut, and the hook. 

The hook punch is one of the most forceful attacks since it makes the opponent swing by a solid blow to the side. 

Kicks are also sports techniques, with the hook, side, front, spinning sweep, and back variations. The procedures are performed quickly and try to catch the opponent off guard.

For women, kickboxing is an exercise option that helps to improve their physical, mental and spiritual state. It is a discipline that works the whole body, combining agile boxing punches with powerful karate kicks.

This sport tones the whole body, but, in addition, the practitioners learn instrumental self-defense techniques: kicks, punches, feints, as well as knowing how to anticipate the movements of their opponents.

Like all martial arts, kickboxing combinations have more to do with the elegance and agility of the person who performs them than with the number of punches and kicks.

The most used movements are jab, cross, crochet, uppercut, and multiple kicks such as low kick, med kick, high, front, hook, etc. Except for Japanese kickboxing, knee kicks are not allowed.

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