Printable Trampolining Coloring Pages Pdf For Kids 

Trampoline is a popular outdoor game for children, which allows them to bounce on a stretched canvas with the help of springs. 

On the other hand, you can also let the children be happy. Please print the following trampolining coloring pages. And let the children color them. 

Free Trampoling Coloring Pages 

Initially, the trampoline was just a canvas pulled over a metal frame by springs. It was used for pilot training during the Second World War. Now, the trampoline has become a piece of sports equipment. 

Gradually, the garden trampoline was developed for family and leisure use. The trampoline structure is then adapted to bring more safety to its users by the addition of a net.

A competition trampoline is much sturdier and is made of specially developed fabric. 

It is portable and easy to carry, essential for athletes competing in various locations worldwide, and comes in a standardized shape and size. 

The competition trampoline also uses more coil springs, allowing higher bounces and more complicated stunts.

There are many stories about the trampoline origins. Some say that the Eskimos were the first to develop a prototype trampoline. 

It was essentially a thick walrus skin that was used as a springboard. Others say that the English were the first suppliers of the device. 

They would have used vital blankets to throw people into the air. There is scientific evidence to support both of these claims.

On the other hand, circus legend has it that the trampoline was first developed by a trapeze artist named Du Trampolin, who was inspired by the potential of the trapeze safety net. 

He felt that the device could be used not only as a safety measure but as an act in itself. 

The trapeze safety net was then reduced to a more practical size and thus became the trampoline we know today through experimentation. 

Although the accuracy of this history has yet to be determined, there is indeed evidence that some form of the trampoline was used in the early 20th century. 

Stage acts during this time used a small type of trampoline disguised as a bed in which acrobats performed their routines.

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