Free Padel Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Padel is a racquet sport derived from tennis and squash played on a smaller court framed by glass and wire mesh.

Now, you can have fun with this sport by coloring drawings below. There are a selection of padel coloring pages here. Please print and color them.

Printable Padel Coloring Pages

The most significant difference with tennis is that the balls can be played after bouncing off walls or fences similar to squash.

The padel racket is compact, without strings but holes in the sieve. Smaller and lighter than a tennis racket.

It is an extension of the player’s hand and is very easy to handle for everyone. A wrist strap is attached to the handle, and it is mandatory to use it in competition.

Depending on the range, the racket is generally covered with plastic or carbon. The inside of the racket is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate, which looks like foam.

The balls used in paddle tennis are slightly depressurized to adapt to the game on a small court and the structures surrounding the court. 

The ball should be a uniform yellow or white color. Its diameter should be between 6.35 and 6.77 cm. The weight of the ball should be between 56 and 59.4 g.

Players can use classic tennis shoes, or ideally clay shoes with a smooth sole to better glide over the sandy surface. There are also other specific padel accessories, bags, grips, and many others.

Padel, like tennis, consists of an exchange of balls between two opposing sides. The opposing parties are called the server, and the receiver can place themselves wherever they want as long as they do not overstep their square.

The game consists of essential steps, including the serve, the rally, and the rebound.

The Serve: The game starts with two trial serves, which engage the ball after a bounce and hit it below the belt.

The rally: The actual rally begins when the ball bounces into the opposite service box and is returned by the receiver. Note that the ball can be volleyed except for the service and return.

The bounce: Also, the ball can only touch the ground once. However, as soon as the rally starts, it can bounce on any other surface except the floor of its camp.

Points are scored in the same way as in tennis. Thus, to win a match, each team must win two sets, with each set consisting of 6 games. 

In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker will be played. This tie-breaker is played in 7 points (with a 2 point difference in tennis).

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