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Slavia Prague is a soccer club from Prague, Czech Republic, that plays in the Gambrinus Liga. The club was founded on November 2, 1892, and its traditional colors are red and white.

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The club was founded on November 2, 1892, by young students of literature who had gathered in a literary and oratory club called Slavia in the district of Vinohrady. 

The members played several sports, including tennis, but most wanted to find a cycling club. 

The club was dissolved two years later by the police because of repeated and continuous activities against the state by the majority of the student youth.

The Austro-Hungarian power did not really like this kind of group, which was likely to circulate political ideas that would endanger it. 

A dissolution that did not prevent the club members from continuing to meet, and a few months later managed to be authorized to reconstitute the Slavia sports club in 1895 and then to integrate the following year the soccer.

The British influence was significant. Slavia’s golden age began in 1905. For almost ten years, the team was coached by the team captain before a Scottish coach from Celtic Glasgow: John William Madden. 

Very soon, the colors and the symbol of the club were chosen. Red and white, the Slavic colors, were adopted.

The white color symbolizes the purity of the sporting ideal and a fight of honor, in which the opponent is not considered an enemy but a respected competitor.

While the red color symbolizes it, the heart is engaged in the matches and the sporting fight. 

The jersey is therefore divided into two halves, white and red. A red star with five branches is embroidered on the chest in the white part of the jersey. 

Of this star, it should be noted that it has the particularity of having one of its branches directed downwards. 

This is because this star represents a new and constantly renewed hope exalting the spirit and a strong soul even in periods of failure.

Of these two different red and white colors of the Slavic club that was, as its name indicates, Slavia, let us note that they were meant to show that no man.

nothing has only one face, and it is necessary to find a harmony between will and spirit, strength and technical finesse, enthusiasm, disappointment, and even between sun, light, and shadow. 

Finally, the pleasant, cheerful contrast between the two colors shows that a sporting activity must be practiced with a sincere pleasure that offers satisfaction on the field and outside.

So much for the great principles of the intellectual club that was Slavia Prague in its origins. 

More than a century later, one cannot help but regret that its sporting ideals are no longer respected, just as is too often the case with the Olympic ideal and more generally in professional sport.

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