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Mewtwo is a legendary and artificial psychic-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. Dr. Fuji created it from Mew’s DNA. 

Now, you can find this pokemon on this page. Here are the amazing Mewtwo colloring pages to print. Please prepare your markers and color the Mewtwo.

Free Printable Mewtwo Coloring Pages

Mewtwo is starting in the sixth generation. It can mega-evolve into Mega-Mewtwo X or Mega-Mewtwo Y, becoming, along with Mega-Rayquaza, the Pokémon with the highest sum of battle stats.

The story of Mewtwo, the origin of the mythical Pokémon 13 3

There are no words to describe a saga like ‘Pokémon’. 

On February 27, 1996, two video games titled ‘Pokémon Red Edition’ and ‘Pokémon Green Edition’ were released in Japan.

These two were later released in the West as ‘Red and Blue’ (being a remastering of the original games), where the fever for this new franchise rose to unsuspected limits.

Largely thanks to the anime, with which fans around the world met the adventures of Ash, along with Pikachu and his friends Misty and Brock.

Ken Sugimori designed Mewtwo. His name means “Mew Two”, being the result of an experiment that created a creature similar to the singular Pokémon Mew. 

The description in the Pokédex of the original editions reads: “A scientist created it after years of horrible genetic engineering experiments”. 

Indeed, this is a Pokémon resulting from human ambition to control nature. With such a powerful story, it was not surprising that Mewtwo was the protagonist of the first movie. 

The Pokémon Company’s president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, was very clear about, stating that he expected Mewtwo to be popular with the North American public, being a powerful character. 

Its kangaroo-like body and a face with feline features and ashen mauve skin with purple lines.

A giant tail and a menacing expression made this creature one of the most fearsome and famous Pokémon. According to the Pokédex, Mewtwo is two meters tall and weighs 122 kilograms.

Its type is identical to Mew’s, psychic, which made it one of the most powerful Pokémon of the first generation, psychics being the dominant type of this era. 

With telepathic powers, he can speak with human language thanks to them, which allowed the anime to make him a protagonist with a complex background, given his origins.

His plot in the movie was very different since we must not forget that the American producers radically modified the film seen in theaters in the West. 

They thought its plot should be “more accessible” to the North American audience. 

In the original Japanese version of the film, Mewtwo has a big existential problem, being this the main protagonist of the film. 

The film’s central moment is when this Pokémon realizes that it has the right to be in this world as much as any other living creature.

Hence, the story of its origins (which was seen in the Japanese version) was fundamental. 

After all, Mewtwo is a creature victim of human ambition, whose deliberately placed strength and savagery.

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