Printable Raichu Coloring Pages Pdf

A Pikachu Pokémon exposed to lightning becomes a Raichu Pokémon. When it has too much electricity, the Raichu Pokémon sticks its very long tail into the ground so that its excess electricity escapes.

Now, you can meet with Raichu on this page. Here are the printable Raichu coloring pages. Let’s prepare your desired colors and put them on the images below.

Free Raichu Coloring Pages 

Raichu is Pokémon of the electric type, introduced in the first generation. The morphology of this Pokémon is based on the gerbil (or desert kangaroo, or kangaroo rat), a species of desert mouse that lives in Africa and Asia.

This Pokémon releases a weak electrical charge throughout its body that causes it to glow in the dark. Raichu discharges electricity by planting its tail on the ground. 

It can emit bursts of 100,000 volts that can take out huge opponents. When it is charged with electricity, its muscles tighten, becoming more aggressive than usual.

If the rival Pokémon hits Raichu with a contact move (for example, Ice Fist), there will be a 30% chance of being paralyzed, which always comes in handy.

Another effect it has from Pokémon Sword and Shield onwards is to increase by 50% the occurrence of Electric Pokémon in the wild. 

Lightning Rod is Raichu’s Hidden Ability and, lets me tell you, and it’s fantastic. The name says it all. Raichu will attract Electric-type attacks towards it, which, being resistant, will do almost nothing to it. 

And not only that, but by “absorbing” this kind of attack, it will also increase its Special Attack by one level.

If we take it out when an Electric attack is expected, we will not only resist it easily but also boost to proceed to burst; this is cumulative, of course.

In doubles, things get even crazier because we can prevent our teammates from receiving Electric attacks. After all, Raichu will eat them. 

That’s why Raichu is a good partner in Rain teams (and Thunder doesn’t fail in Rain), since it will be able to cover your Pokémon from Electric attacks, and it will be boosted.

Download Raichu Coloring Pages Pdf