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These are worksheets intended for children to help them learn about particular topics that specifically deal with animals. Today we are going to color Jaguar Coloring Pages.

Jaguar has a very distinctive coat, formed by large black rosettes, which enclose dark-colored spots inside. The jaguar is a placental mammal belonging to the family of felids.

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This animal physically resembles the leopard (Panthera pardus) but differs from having wider and fuller rosettes of the coat, with a marked dark brown center.

It has a more extensive and stockier head, shorter and more muscular legs, and a more robust body.

It has a distinctive coat consisting of large black rosettes, which enclose dark-colored spots on the inside.

These stand out against a lighter golden brown background on the underside of the body. These spots can vary in the same animal or between members of the same species.

Those on the head and neck are of a more solid color and on the tail, where they may join and form a single band. The ventral region, inner leg areas, and lower flanks are white.

Although it does not occur very often, within the population of these big cats, a melanistic condition may occur, which is black coloration throughout their fur.

The most significant Black Jaguars have been found in South America, particularly in Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

Behaviorally, The jaguar is a solitary animal, except for mating season, when the male aggressively protects his territory and the females living inside.

The jaguar is a skilled swimmer and also an excellent climber. It is easy to find it up in a tree for shelter during the rainy and flood season.

The Jaguar habitat is characterized by dense forests, mainly primary and secondary forests, the presence of constant water sources, and the presence of food.

The reason being, it is possible to encounter it in a wide variety of ecosystems, such as rainforests, pampas grasslands, swampy areas, areas that are seasonally flooded, dry deciduous forests, and thorny thickets.

The jaguar can be found throughout the Americas. This feline was found from North America to Argentina throughout history, covering various regions of Central and South America.

Today it is distributed in the following countries: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guyana, Honduras, French Guiana, Mexico, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Suriname, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, and the United States. Only a few species remain in the latter country.

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