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Boku No Hero Academia is the original name of the anime that is taking Japan and half the world by storm and social networks.

We tell you what it’s about and why everyone is so hooked. And now, you can get its adventures in the following images below. There is a collection of My Hero Academia Coloring Pages here.

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In 2015 appeared the manga ‘Boku No Hero’, created by Kōhei Horikoshi. It was telling the story of Izuku Midoriya.

He is a young man who lives in a world where more than half of the population has developed superpowers, thus emerging heroes and villains.

His biggest dream is to become a hero like his idol ‘All Might’, a superhero with an American design and imagery who fights evil. What’s the problem?

That Midoriya hasn’t developed any particularity (that’s what superpowers are called), so he can’t get into the U.A. (the Academy of Heroes).

One day, after meeting All Might personally, All Might offers him to inherit his powers upon seeing Midoriya’s great determination even though he has no powers;

Since then, Midoriya agrees and starts studying at the U.A., where he makes new friends, meets other professional heroes, learns to master his powers, and even faces real villains.

The anime based on the comics arrived in 2016, and the success was such that it is currently in its third season.

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