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Raven is one of the characters with the most tragic stories in the DC Universe. Now, you can get these stories in the following Teen Titans Coloring Pages below.

The young girl belonging to the Teen Titans has suffered during her different lives due to the condition of her parents, how she was conceived, not being able to reveal her feelings and even false love. Here we tell you her tragic story.

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The tragedies began when she was conceived, as she was born from deception to her mother. Her father, the demon Trigon married her mother, Angela Roth, known as Arella, using a false identity, but after having sex, the woman learned the demon’s true identity.

She grew up in an alternate reality called Azarath. Since she was a child, she had to control her emotions to repress the demonic heritage she had from her father, who wanted to take advantage of that to join the girl and dominate as many dimensions as possible.

She also did not grow up close to her mother, whom she rarely saw, and they became more frequent when her first guardian, Azar, died and Arella was placed in her care.

When Raven learned that her father wanted to reach her dimension, she set out to stop him. She asked the Justice League for help but was rebuffed, mainly because Zatanna noticed her demonic heritage.

She created the New Teen Titans, where she fought alongside Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, the team’s most popular lineup. More than a group of heroes, they ended up being a family.

The fight against her father was tough for Raven because although they managed to defeat him in the first instance, he did not leave altogether, and during this time, she had to fight again with her emotions so that Trigon could not possess her.

But when the young woman was corrupted entirely, she gave the demon access to her reality, where he destroyed all the inhabitants of Azarath and even the Earth, where only the Titans were saved.

Trigon, eager to destroy the heroes, created evil duplicates of each of them; however, Lilith managed to take control of them and used them against Raven, who died from these attacks.

Then, the goddess Azar used her body as a conduit for her power and the souls of Azarath; and Raven’s soul emerged purified of all evil, which, together with the souls of the others reborn, eliminated the demon, who was unable to bear this excess of purity.

When she finally let her feelings flow, she began a sentimental relationship with Eric Forrester, but unfortunately, this guy was only trying to use her to keep her humanity permanently.

It turns out that Eric was seducing women to sleep with them and steal their life energy. The young woman was saved by Joseph Wilson (Jericho), who destroyed the guy and freed the heroine from his influence.

Raven died again when Trigon returned and possessed her daughter through evil souls. To eliminate the demon’s power, her body was destroyed.

But the heroine has given in to her demonic side on a couple of other occasions. In “Titans Hunt,” Trigon corrupted her, and she became evil. She also ruined Starfire and Nightwing’s wedding and would later die again.

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