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Here, you can get a collection of coloring pages for teens. Please choose the images you love, then color them as you like. The following pictures are available for free. Happy Coloring.

Teenagers is a stage of development characterized by the transition between childhood and adulthood. In general terms, it is said that teenagers go from 12 to 22-25 years old.

Coloring Pages For Teens

During teenagers, your body and brain are changing significantly. It is usual for new behaviors to appear, and your parents or other family members may become frustrated or irritated. 

There is often difficulty concentrating and a lack of motivation to perform your duties. Some teenagers become more impulsive and get involved in risky situations that may have long-term negative consequences.

All of these behaviors are normal and occur as a result of changes in the brain. The teenager’s brain is different from the adult brain because it matures until 22-24.

The areas responsible for self-control, judgment, emotions, and organization develop during puberty and early adulthood. That is why teenagers are characterized as a period of difficulties in decision making, risk-taking, and emotional uncontrol.

During teenagers, the second phase in brain development occurs – the first appears during the first 18 months of life -, there are some connections between neurons that disappear. Other relationships are strengthened, making the brain more efficient.

Therefore, learning to make effective decisions and a healthy lifestyle will have a lifelong impact, just as “bad habits” will also have long-term repercussions during this stage. 

For example, research now shows that the teenage brain is more vulnerable to alcohol on memory and learning.

Frequent and disproportionate alcohol consumption may have long-term consequences, compromising some brain functions.

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