Free Printable Undertale Coloring Pages Pdf

Sans is the hero of Undertale, a friendly skeleton who loves fun and pranks. He is the most popular of all the characters in the game. 

You can get these free printable undertale coloring pages here. Please choose the images you love, then color them as you like. Happy Coloring. 

Undertale Coloring Pages

Undertale is a role-playing game whose turn-based combat system consists of two phases. The defensive phase is when the player controls a heart that represents his soul and has to dodge the enemy’s attacks. 

The second phase is offensive, in which the player can choose to attack, use an object, or deal specifically with each opponent.

As the game progresses, new elements include colored obstacles that require the player to stand still (represented by the color blue) or move through them (represented by the color orange). 

Boss battles change the way the heart is controlled. In addition, save points frequently appear on the stages, refilling the player’s health as he keeps his progress.

If the player manages to reduce the enemy’s health to 0, the enemy will be destroyed, rewarding the player with a level increase and gold. 

Suppose the player treats the different monsters appropriately. In that case, he will have the possibility to spare them instead of destroying them, ending the fight without gaining experience points, and getting a reduced amount of gold.

During combat, monsters will talk to the protagonist. With these interactions, the personality, history, and feelings of each terror are revealed. 

Likewise, enemy attacks will vary depending on the actions players take. The monsters’ attacks will be less aggressive if the player responds with non-violent actions; on the other hand, the attacks will be more aggressive and difficult to dodge if the player decides to attack.

As in classic role-playing video games, the player can buy items in stores thanks to non-player characters in exchange for the gold earned during fights. 

The player can also dialogue with the non-player characters to obtain information about the game universe. The player’s decisions will have an impact on the ending of the game, giving rise to a large tree of finishes grouped into three significant ends or paths, which are:

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