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A desert is an area of extremely dry land with low rainfall. It is one of the important biomes on Earth because of various plants and animals adapted to live in such conditions.

Desert Coloring Pages

Deserts cover approximately one-fifth of the Earth’s surface and can be found on all continents of the Earth. Thus, a distinction can be made between hot deserts, cold deserts, mountainous deserts, coastal deserts, and semi-arid deserts.

There are animals such as salamanders and desert rodents that come out at night to feed and mammals such as foxes, lynxes, hyenas, and wolves. 

Each of the animals that inhabit the deserts are classified according to the continent where they are found. Australia, for example, has kangaroos and coyotes; it also has the exotic spiny devil, a species of small lizard that eats ants. 

Desert tortoises come out in the mornings, but as reptiles also suffer from overheating, they must protect themselves from the sun in Africa, so they seek areas with some shade and humidity.

To cool themselves and withstand the extreme heat, some animals use liquid either from the plants that live there or from the dew left by the sunrise: this way, they cool their body parts. 

Some animals use panting, evaporating saliva that cools their mouth and throat.

Others lick their parts, like the turtle; still, others urinate their legs to feel moisture. Snakes and lizards, or salamanders, bury themselves in the sand to cool themselves. 

Birds have less of a problem because their feathers are an excellent insulator, and because they move faster, they can reach water sources with some ease.

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