Free Printable Mountain Coloring Pages Pdf

The clean air and the ever-present nature make the mountains a beautiful destination. Here are mountain coloring pages to print. You can discover beautiful landscapes in the mountains. 

Source of change of scenery and family sharing, in the mountains, we breathe! Also, Your child will discover a little about this universe.

Mountain Coloring Pages

A mountain is a significant topographic structure in positive relief, located on the surface of telluric-type stars (telluric planets, satellites such as the Moon) and generally forming part of a mountain range.

In terms of description, two criteria are often used to give the name “mountain” to a positive relief: the altitude on the one hand and the difference in size on the other hand. 

We also often use synonymous terms such as summit, peak, hill, needle, etc. There is a great diversity of geological structures called “mountain”: rock folds, active or extinct volcanoes, underwater reliefs.

The highest known mountain in the solar system is Olympus Mons, a shield volcano located on Mars, with a height difference of 27 km between its summit and its base. 

On Earth, the highest mountain is Everest at 8,848 meters. The altitude of a mountain is the height of its summit about sea level. 

The importance of a mountain can also be measured by the difference in altitude between its summit and the surrounding land.

A mountain is formed by a summit and a base, and a root due to the folding of the geological layers. This base and this root are more imposing than the summit. 

The root depth can be estimated by the gravitational anomaly it generates (being able to reach several tens of kilometers of depth).

A mountain is always formed thanks to forces that modify the gravitational balance (geoid or fields of equal gravity) by moving (or adding) rocks upwards. 

The imbalance thus created causes a positive relief. By isostatic compensation (floating of the Earth’s crust on the mantle), a thickening of the crust (which can go from a usual thickness of 30 km to more than 60 km). Two main mechanisms allow to recover of a state of equilibrium (zero relief):

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