Free Printable Weather Coloring Pages

The weather and its whims (rain, snow, sunny, clouds, wind) give us different skies, varying from one week to another.

Here are some images on the theme of whether to print and color. Get your pencils and markers for these weather coloring pages inspired by the vagaries of the weather!

Weather Coloring Pages

Weather refers to the daily variations in the atmospheric conditions of our planet. At the same time, climate refers to the most frequent state of the atmosphere of a locality. 

To know the climate of a country, it is necessary to measure daily for at least three decades the conditions of temperature, rain, humidity, and wind, observe the requirements of cloudiness, the trajectory of hurricanes, cold air masses, etc.

To know the weather, there are weather stations, and to see the climate, there are climatological stations.

Traditionally, climate and weather have been known through the study of the variables that most directly affect them, such as atmospheric temperature, wind near the Earth’s surface, precipitation in its different forms (rain, snow, hail), humidity, type, and amount of clouds, and solar radiation.

These variables are observed hourly by many climatological and meteorological stations around the world (6). The information is generally expressed using maps that show the atmospheric state’s temporal evolution and spatial distribution.

However, climate and weather also depend on many other variables. To understand the climate of planet Earth, its variations, and to have the possibility of predicting climate changes produced by human activities, we cannot ignore any of the various factors and components that determine it, and that allows us to describe it. 

This includes the dynamics and composition of the atmosphere, the ocean, the ice, the snow, the land surface, and the biological processes within them.

In addition, the elements of climate are temperature, precipitation, humidity, winds, and the factors that condition it (latitude, altitude, relief, marine currents, distance to the sea).

Other components of the planetary system interact with the atmosphere and influence its composition and dynamics, such as biodiversity and soils.

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