Warrior Cats Coloring Pages Pdf Freee Printable

The Warrior Cats is a fantastic novel for children and teenagers. The saga of novels The Warrior Cats consists of 6 sagas, of 6 books each, except the last one with only three books. 

Now you can see their story in the following warrior cats coloring pages. These fantastic coloring pages are ready to print. So, let’s choose the images you love below. 

Free Warrior Cats Coloring Pages

The literary series narrates the adventures of different humanized cats -who talk and socialize- in a fantastic world of clans and warriors. 

The novels take place in a forest inhabited by a group of wild cats. The divided and controlled territory is divided into four clans. 

It is a fun, entertaining series that knows how to combine doses of action with narration and description very well. It is an excellent offer for children and young people who want to delve into reading.

The first book of the first saga of The Warrior Cats begins by describing the clan world in which the wild cats live in the forest. 

But problems begin when the power of the clans becomes unbalanced, the shadow clan begins to grow in strength, threatening the thunder clan and the overall stability of the forest. 

The novel’s protagonist is Colorado, a domestic cat who comes to the thunder clan and begins his training as a warrior. 

The saga takes place amid the various conflicts that arise from the clash between the different clans. 

The warriors are the protagonists and leaders of each clan. It is a story with mythical characteristics but starring cats.

The idea of a warrior saga with cats has been a novel creation that has called many young readers to dive into this world. 

The Warrior Cats has been received rave reviews for its immersive storytelling and striking world of warriors. 

It has been recognized as a saga that hooks you into reading, especially among young readers. The book series has already sold more than ten million copies in the United States. 

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