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Today, you can have fun with our fantastic Overwatch coloring pages. Please choose the images you love below. Then, color them as you like. 

Overwatch is a colorful team-based action game with a diverse roster of powerful heroes. The players will travel the world, create a team, and dispute objectives in exhilarating 6v6 combat.

Free Overwatch Coloring Pages

The action of Overwatch takes place on Earth in a technologically advanced near future. In a time of crisis on a global scale, a squadron made up of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and prodigies were created to restore peace to a world devastated by war. 

However, many years later, their influence waned, and eventually, the group disbanded. Overwatch may be gone, but the world still needs heroes.

If we go into detail, Overwatch does not have a story as such like other video games. Of course, part of the story will be revealed as we play more hours, and where we will discover that it takes place about 60 years in the future.

It is where humans and a class of robots known as Omnics (Omnics in English) exist together in peace and harmony. These robots were created to help humanity in its production processes. 

However, it seems that something went wrong, and the robots rebelled against their creators, using the factories that were once used to create prosperity in facilities to create more Omnics to destroy humans. 

The United Nations created the Overwatch division, a group of heroes, engineers, and scientists to fight these robots. 

The prominent leader of Overwatch was Gabriel Reyes, a super-soldier created by the United States with the help of the war hero Jack Morrison, with whom he managed after a war to win the fight against the Omnics.

After the Omnic crisis (the fight between humans and robots), this group of heroes became known worldwide and maintained world security for decades. 

Due to internal crises, rumors of corruption, and a power struggle among some of its members, the UN launched an investigation during which, among other things, it became known that two factions were being created within the group. 

Shortly afterward, a large explosion took place at the Overwatch headquarters in Switzerland, where Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, the two ringleaders of the group, presumed dead in the attack, were rumored to be. 

This investigation and the destruction of their headquarters led to the disintegration of the group, whose members ended up repudiated by part of society, who now labeled them as corrupt.

Even so, many members continued to act on their own to keep the peace and fight for justice.

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