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On this page, you will see a collection of Robin coloring pages. The images are free printable. So let us choose the pictures you love below. Then Color them as you like.

Robin, DC Comics’ Boy Wonder, is Batman’s squire and sidekick, or else? We have given you another Robin here. There are Robinhood, Robin bird, and Christopher Robin.  

Robin Coloring Pages

Robin is a character eminently associated with Batman. Even those who got to know the Dark Knight through the movies rarely get to imagine one without the other, so strong is the relationship between the hero and his sidekick. 

Proof of this is the wink-concession that Christopher Nolan’s trilogy had to make regarding the existence of this superhero within its cinematic universe.

As with the Joker, Robin was not a character who had a long history with Batman. In fact, like the Clown Prince Murderer of Crime, the Boy Wonder would be a one-issue novelty, something experimental, but ended up being so well received that his destiny was eventually tied to the Dark Knight.

Initially, Batman was a prominent pulp character, with pseudo-supernatural, gothic, and even somewhat sordid enemies. 

In an attempt to lighten the character up a bit, the creators of the hero introduced an appeal to a younger audience to tone down the tone of the comic while seeking to attract a broader range of readers.

Thus, Bob Kane and Bill Finger introduced Robin to the general public after Batman’s debut in comics. It was during the “Detective Comics #38” of 1940. 

There are many theories about the origin of his inspiration, of which we will mention a few.

The first is of etymological origin. The “Robin” in English is the name given to the Robin, a bird widespread in the USA whose appearance is very reminiscent of both the classic costume of the young hero and that of other incarnations that have come to include a full hood. Thus, the Bat and the Robin would roam the rooftops of Gotham, fighting criminals.

A second version of the character’s origin points to the 1938 film “Robin of the Woods,” starring Errol Flynn, which was based on the legend of the Sherwood archer. 

This film had been so successful among the youngsters that an attempt was made to include a similar hero (with tights and a certain medieval air) in Batman’s fiction. The result was, according to the story, the design we know of the first Robin.

In our opinion, both theories are compatible and fit with the concept of proposing a youthful and more optimistic counterpoint to Batman. He, in his first appearance, was quite unhappy and even cruel in his fight against crime.

At the same time, the theory about the Robin Hood inspiration in the design of the character should be kept in mind, since this archer would also be the inspiration in 1941 for the hero who “copied Batman” and who, in many ways, has been his “plagiarism within DC”. 

We are referring precisely to Green Arrow, a character that since its origins has been in the shadow of the Dark Knight and to whom we should dedicate a text at some point.

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