Vampirina Coloring Pages Pdf Free

Vampirina is a cartoon presented by Disney Junior, and in which its protagonist is a cheerful and friendly little vampire who will teach us a few lessons. 

Now you can get here adventures in the following vampirina coloring pages. Please choose the pictures you love, then color them with your favorite colors. Happy coloring.

Printable Vampirina Coloring Pages

Vampirina is the daughter of a married couple of vampires. She is involved in a radical change when she moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, inhabited by humans.

Transylvania is a world inhabited by monsters, vampires, and other creatures as terrible as tender. The gothic house where Vampirina’s family lives is a hostel project called “the boarding house of terror”.

Vampirina and her family will live together with the humans, learning from each other and getting involved in adventures that will be very funny and witty.

Even though she is a vampire girl and knows that she physically does not resemble humans, she is always proud and stresses that the important thing is that inside she is equal to others.

Vampirina breaks a spear in favor of diversity, an issue that we can observe in our daily lives, and teaches us to appreciate the differences in people, accepting and learning to be kind and empathetic with our society. 

Vampirina is a clear example that being the opposite of a world is not a bad thing. So all those children who feel different find a model to know that it is not necessary to be physically the same to have something in common.

Many times circumstances make our children feel in an emotional dilemma, such as changing home or school, among others. 

It is not an isolated case, and it also happens to us adults. It is normal when facing changes, so the series is also recommended for this type of case.

It is because how Vampirina tries to introduce herself, proclaims her to be a girl with character, proud and eager to learn and enjoy her classmates and friends.

The Vampirina series also hooks thanks to the moments in which the protagonists sing, transforming the drawings with small parts typical of a musical. 

Another point in favor of Vampirina is that the chapters are approximately 13 minutes long, so it does not get boring or tiring at any time.

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