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This page offers you the possibility to color or print cool rescue Bots coloring pages online for free. You can use several colors for your pictures to draw. 

You have to select the desired color and color of your drawing. If you like this drawing, do not hesitate to share it with your friends through your social networks.

Printable Rescue Bots Coloring Pages

Transformers Rescue Bots is an animated series from 2012. The first episode shows us the arrival of the robots on Earth and how they become vehicles (it is explained in the credits).

Instead, the other anime can be seen separately, but there is still a timeline, with characters returning and gradually sharing the secret with newcomers.

Undercover robot stories, we show the little spectator what is good to do in the relationship. Importance of being able to count on each other, criticism of jealousy,

We are shown different families; the main one is one of the heroes, the Burns (only the father left). There is also that of the scientist of the story, the Green. 

Siblings: Those who work with robots are members of the same family. Looking after each other. Difficult to confront sometimes with the older ones.

Autobots must obey their leader and do their mission to help humans function without trying to blend into their system (they will be undercover). It’s best to have a single job if you want to do it well.

The transformers help humans, protect them (because the Earth is so beautiful). We are here in the idea to show us helpers (police car, helicopter, Trax, fire truck). Protection. We are shown how the authorities are attentive to the safety of the citizens.

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