Fantastic Slugterra Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

This page offers you a collection of cool slugterra coloring pages to print. The following images are available at no charge. So, let’s choose your favorite then color them.

Slugterra is a world under the earth’s surface that is entirely isolated. All the people who live there have slugs, tiny creatures that look like slugs. 

Slugterra Coloring Pages

In ‘Slugterra’ the adventure takes place underground. Eli and his team have the opportunity to defeat the evil forces that dwell there, but to do so.

They must collect and train small creatures called ‘slugs’. The fascinating part of the story comes when the slugs transform into powerful beasts.

The story shows how Eli and his team explore the 99 caverns of the subway world. Friendly and competitive duels improve their experience and weapons. As ammunition, they use the small creatures they have to capture: the ‘slugs’.

But there is a significant threat: Dr. Blakk has found a way to turn them into terrifying creatures by transforming them into ghoul slugs, mindless savage weapons. No one has been able to confront Blakk’s slugs or his terrible army: the Henchmen.

Slugterra is an adventure series primarily aimed at children from 6 to 11 years old. In addition to all the episodes of the series and avatars with your favorite slugs, you can also have fun with the fantastic game Slugterra Battle. 

With it, you will be able to live in first person the adventures of Eli in the bowels of the cave world. Get new upgrades, new powers and overcome the challenge.

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