Free Target Shooting Coloring Pages Pdf

Here are free target shooting coloring pages to print. We make sure that the following drawings are the best coloring pages collection. Please choose the drawings you love and color them.

Target Shooting is a game and sporting activity consisting of shooting arrows with a bow or firing a weapon at a defined and exact target.

Printable Target Shooting Coloring Pages

Sport shooting is one of the most practiced sports in the world. It includes several disciplines with the same goal: to reach the target accurately with a weapon. The distance to the target can vary and the weapons used to achieve it.

If you are interested in the shooting but do not know which discipline to choose, we will tell you about the main existing disciplines.

RIFLE SHOOTING; the shooter is equipped with his pellet rifle, which can be at 10, 50, or 300 meters from his target. 

For the 10 meters shooting, the shooter stands upright. The shooter must be lying down for shooting at 50 or 300 meters from the target.

SPEED SHOOTING; this discipline aims to hit the target as quickly and accurately as possible. This discipline is recognized by the World Association of International Sports Federations. 

The points earned through accuracy are divided by the time to calculate a result. The weapons used for this discipline are pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

THE SHOOTING AT THE PLATE; Stage shooting is divided into 3 Olympic disciplines:

  • The Pit: consists of shooting at mobile trays that have been thrown. The shooter holds the weapon on his shoulder and can shoot two rounds per tray.
  • The Double Trap: this discipline targets two mobile trays thrown simultaneously with one cartridge per tray. The shooter holds the weapon on his shoulder.
  • The Skeet: Unlike the two previous disciplines, the Skeet requires the shooter to shoulder his weapon once the trays have been thrown. Moreover, in this discipline, the trajectory of the targets is known, and the shooter has only one cartridge per target.

PISTOL SHOOTING; This discipline includes three activities: precision, speed, or mixed shooting. You can practice it on a range of 10, 25, or 50 meters. Pistol shooting is part of free arm shooting.

PARA-TIR; The discipline of para-rifle allows people with disabilities to practice shooting sports. 

Several fields exist for different handicaps. Some are even present at the Paralympic Games. They can be practiced with pistols or rifles.

BENCH REST; This discipline emphasizes precision. It is practiced at long distances from your target (100 or 200 meters) with long guns with telescopic sights. It can also be practiced on 50 meter stands with a rifle with a 22 LR scope.

MOVING TARGET; Mobile target shooting is practiced at 10 or 50 meters from the target. This target is fixed on a cart that moves from left to right or the opposite, more or less quickly.

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