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Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli or SSC Napoli is an Italian professional soccer club based in Naples, Campania, that plays in Serie A, the highest division of Italian soccer. 

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The club’s history dates back to 1904 when Englishman William Poths and his partner Hector M. Bayon founded the Naples Foot-Ball & Cricket Club, the first in the city, which changed its name to Naples Foot-Ball Club after two years. 

The colors chosen for the team’s jersey were sea blue and light blue. Napoli participated in the Lipton Challenge Cup championship, as clubs from the north could only play the Italian soccer championship. 

In that competition, the club managed to win three finals. Later in 1912, the Internazionale Napoli team was formed, allowing foreign players to be included.

In the 1912-1913 season, both clubs had the opportunity to debut in the Italian Championship, where both teams made great performances.

However, a few years after World War I, the clubs were not successful, and due to the financial problems they were going through, they had to unite, forming the FBC Internaples club.

With the merger of the two clubs, Giorgio Ascarelli, a young Neapolitan businessman, was appointed as president. 

While he was still in office, the club’s name was changed to Associazione Calcio Napoli on August 23, 1926. 

The team’s start was not the best, but they were admitted in the predecessor of Serie A, National Division. 

So the team started to improve thanks to the English coach Garbutt and the Paraguayan player Attila Sallustro, who was considered the first hero of Napoli fans. 

The team improved, finishing for six years in the top half of the league table, including the seasons 1929-1930 with fifth place, 1932-1933, which reached fourth place, and 1933-1934 which occupied third place.

Before World War II, the club started to go through bad times, being saved from relegation in the 1939-1940 season.

However, in the 1941-1942 season, they were in seventeenth place and were relegated to Serie B. They managed to reach third place in the league behind Modena and Brescia in the following season. 

Italian soccer had to be suspended for reasons of World War II, resuming in the 1945-1946 season. The club earned the right to return to play in the top flight, where it remained for two seasons as it was relegated to Serie B again for bribery reasons. 

At the beginning of the fifties, the team returned to Serie A having a not so remarkable performance in it. 

Still, even so, the team managed to win the 1962 Italian Cup after defeating the SPAL club, but the following season they were relegated again.

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