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We are sure that you will love what is there! There is a selection of futsal coloring pages in action. You can see the players dribbling, heading, passing the ball, and shooting. 

As for the goalkeepers, we see them stopping the ball or throwing it back. These futsal coloring pages will make incredible decorations… Happy coloring!

Free Futsal Coloring Pages

Futsal is a sport similar to soccer, played indoors during winter. It is played in a gymnasium, with five players on each side compared to 11 in a soccer match. 

Futsal is played on a smaller field; this sport allows the development of technical skills and offers a healthy, non-contact environment.

The game is played with a smaller, less bouncy ball than soccer. The court size is slightly larger than a basketball court [40 m long and 20 m wide] and the goals used are those of handball [2 m high and 3 m wide].

The ball is usually made of leather or a synthetic material. It is smaller than a traditional soccer ball and has very little bounce. 

Futsal balls are specific because they allow a more technical game on the ground due to their low bounce. The Futsal ball’s surface is also rougher to offer a better grip.

The games are played between two teams allowing four players and a goalkeeper on the court. The team can have up to seven substitutes unlimited changes during the match. 

The first big difference is the small size of the field. Indeed, it is played on a handball field. The players’ speed is very solicited.

The fast runs on the whole length of the field are frequent and oblige the players to be replaced several times during a game. 

A player can enter and leave the field as many times as possible during the match. Substitutions can be made during the game (a player must ultimately be of the area to be replaced).

A whole “line” of four players can be changed, or just one player. Any player can also replace a goalkeeper during the game.

The technique is different, and so is the game. The method of the ball on foot is done with the sole to have a maximum of control on the ball. 

The control with the sole allows you to continue to watch where your teammates are placed while keeping control of the ball. The movement of players without the ball is the basis of this game. 

Every space must be used, and player rotation and run-up are frequent. All rules are designed to speed up the game, to make it faster and more fluid than eleven-a-side soccer.

The game is played in two halves of 20 minutes each (in official time) or 25 minutes each (in non-official time), with a break between the two periods, which must not exceed 15 minutes. 

The teams are entitled to one minute of non-cumulative time-out in each of the two periods.

Shoes are an essential part of the player’s equipment. Their specificity is due to their sole, allowing a significant grip on all types of surfaces and the reinforcement of the toe of the shoe, often used on set pieces and shots on goal. 

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