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On this page, you can find one of the best football clubs in Ukraine. Here are Shakhtar Donetsk Coloring Pages. Besides that, the pdf version is also available. 

Shakhtar Donetsk is the name of the most famous and successful Ukrainian soccer club, which was established in 1936 in Donetsk. 

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The club was founded on May 24, 1936, when Ukraine was part of the USSR, and named “Stakhanovets” about Aleksei Stakhanov, a tireless miner from the region, who was much used by the Stalinist propaganda. 

In 1946, the club was renamed Chakhtior Donetsk, meaning “miner” in Russian. At the time of Ukrainian independence, in 1991, the “Chakhtior” became the “Shakhtar”, for the same meaning, from Russian to Ukrainian. 

Finally, if you are used to writing Shakhtar instead of Chakhtar, it is because you have a preference for English vocabulary.

The Ukrainian professional soccer club has had an eventful history, reflected in five name changes and visual identity redesigns. 

From 1936 until 2007, there were different variations of the Shakhtyor name, with several major logo redesigns. Its current name, Shakhtar, was obtained only in 2007.

The name “Shakhtar” came to the club in 2007, and the badge was renewed once again. The current emblem consists of an oval with pointed upper and lower parts. 

The emblem is outlined in black and white and is horizontally divided by the white banner with a black “Shakhtar” inscription. 

The upper part of the logo appears orange with a stylized flame, while the lower part is black and has a small white axe and hammer symbol placed under the “1936” mark.

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