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Here are the best coloring pages for kids to color and print. This free table tennis coloring page is one of the best coloring pages for kids. 

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is played with a small ball and paddles. Matches can be singles or doubles. It is played on a rectangular table divided in half by a net.

Printable Table Tennis Coloring Pages

Table Tennis is played between two players. The game’s object is to get the opponent not to hit back after the first bounce of the ball on his side of the table.

The playing surface is rectangular, 2.74 m long by 1.52 m wide, raised 0.76 m above the ground.

It can be made of any material, but it must meet specific fundamental characteristics, such as being flat and dark in color (usually blue or green), uniform, and matte. Also, it must provide a 23 cm bounce when a ball is dropped from a height of 30 cm.

It is delimited on its four sides by a 2 cm wide line, and a 3 cm wide center line, parallel to the sidelines, determines the serving sides in doubles.

The net divides the court widthwise into two equal parts and must be tensioned by poles at the height of 15.25 cm.

The playing area is around the table reserved for players and referees in the competition. Depending on the competition, its dimensions should be 10 to 14 m long, 5 to 7 m wide, and 2.75 to 4 m high.

Table tennis can be played in singles or doubles. The players change sides on the table at the beginning of each game and when one of them reaches the tenth point in the deciding match.

Typically, table tennis players’ clothing consists of a short-sleeved shirt, shorts or skirt, and athletic socks and sneakers. Except for the sneakers and socks, clothing may not be brightly colored.

The competition is presided over by a referee who directs the tournament and appoints the referee for each match, who makes the decisions in each game. 

Before starting the match, the referee draws lots for the choice of serve or the side of the table to be occupied by each player.

The ball must be spherical and made of celluloid, yellow or white, matte and weigh 2.7 g and have a diameter of 40 mm.

The racket or paddle may be of any size, shape, and weight, but at least 85% of its mass must be a single piece of wood; nowadays, racquets have layers of carbon fiber, glass, or compressed paper. As a rule, the racquet handle is covered with cork to facilitate its handling.

One or two sides of the racquet shall be covered with bright red rubber on one side and black on the other without alterations that could impede the ordinary course of a match.

The service is the move to put the ball in play, the player who hits first is called the server.

At the beginning of the service, the ball should be stationary, held freely on the open and outstretched palm of the server’s free hand, behind the baseline, and above the playing surface level.

The ball must first bounce in the own court, over the net, and fall on the opponent’s court. In doubles, the server must be to the right of the table and must also go to the right of the opponent’s court.

Every two points, the receiver or receiving partner becomes the server or serving partner, and so on until the end of the game, unless both players or partners have scored 10 points or the acceleration rule is in force.

In this case, each player will serve only one point alternately. In doubles, the serving order is determined at the beginning of each game so that the four players alternate serving.

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