Printable Rugby Coloring Pages Pdf Free

Rugby is a team sport that delivers significant health and social benefits. Now, you can play it through rugby coloring pages below.

The following printable rugby coloring pages can you get at free charge. Get the images you love below, and color them as you like. Happy coloring.

Free Rugby Coloring Pages

Rugby can also be a physically demanding sport, and players must be physically and mentally fit and understand how to play safely. 

It is the responsibility of everyone – players, coaches, and parents- to create a positive, safe, enjoyable environment in which ALL players can reach their potential. That is the type of rugby being played. 

The training and educational material are available to create that environment. Rugby is a team sport that aims to get the ball to the opponent’s try line or pass it between the two posts and the crossbar.

The particularity of the game is that you can only move forward by passing the ball backward or kicking forward as long as the rest of the team is behind the kicker.

It is a contact sport depending on the modality, and it is played in teams of 15 or 7 players, Rugby Union and Rugby Sevens, respectively. 

When the attacking team manages to put the ball on the ground behind the try line, they get 5 points, and if they convert the try by kicking at the posts, they get another 2 points.

It was born as a sport in the city of Rugby, which is why it takes his name. The story goes that William Webb Ellis, during a soccer match, grabbed the ball with his hands, running towards the opponent’s goal and incurring a foul.

But this unfortunate incident quickly gave rise to one of the most exciting sports. Just look at the expectation generated by the most famous Rugby tournaments, the Rugby World Cup (Rugby World Cup) and the Six Nations (6 Nations Tournament) in the form of Rugby 15.

But it is not the only modality that triumphs, the Rugby Sevens World Cup or the World Series, a more energetic and fast modality is already an Olympic sport since 2016.

The main body is World Rugby, which directs and brings together all the Rugby federations worldwide.

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