Badminton Coloring Pages Pdf For kids

Badminton is a racket sport you can played individually or in pairs, both indoors and outdoors, As well as these badminton coloring pages below.

You can color these coloring pages individually or together with your friend. Also, it can be indoors and outdoors. So, prepare your colors and put them into the pictures.

Free Badminton Coloring Pages

Badminton has the peculiarity that what the contestants hit is not a ball but a curious cone-shaped object made of cork and feathers -natural or synthetic- which is known as a shuttlecock or feather.

Badminton is a mass sport in India which was called ‘Poona’. Then, British soldiers were able to learn it and take it to their homeland, where they managed to get the Duke of Beaufort to take a liking to it.

It was indirectly the architect of the change of name since his estate, where it was played, was called Badminton House. However, other historians consider that the origin of this sport is in China, in a game called ‘battledore’.

Badminton is a racket sport, either singles or doubles. It consists of passing the shuttlecock or feather (as the badminton ball is known) over the net until one of the two contestants cannot return it to his opponent’s area. 

In this way, points are added to win two games or sets of 21 points, always with a minimum of two points between the athletes. You can only win by one point difference if there is a tie at 29, and in this case, whoever gets the 30th point will win the game.

Each time one of the athletes gets the point, they will start serving in the next one. The players will exchange the part of the court at the end of each set. But, at the third game, they will do so at the moment when one of the two gets 11 points.

At the service moment, both the server and the receiver must be inside the serving areas on their half of the court opposite side.

Both feet must be on the ground, and the shuttle must be hit below the waist with the handle pointing down for the service to be considered valid. 

Once it passes the net, it has to go to the serving zone on the receiver’s side, hitting the lines. When the server starts the set or has an even number of points, they will serve from the right side, while they will use the left side when they have an odd number of points.

Points will be scored when the shuttle hits the ground within the court boundaries and stays at the net when it does not go over the net.

Suppose it hits the opponent or any object or infrastructure -such as walls or ceiling. Also, the point will be scored if it is shot twice in a row by the same player in the doubles game.

If player touches the net or invades the opponent’s court with his body or racket -it is considered a foul-, and if the opponent is distracted when they are about to hit by shouting or gesticulating.

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