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Rowing is a sport in which the athlete uses as a specific means a boat moved using oars and with the sole help of muscular strength. 

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Forcing a little bit the terms of a correct denomination of the sports tools, the rower moves on a “big tool”, the boat, maneuvering a “small tool”, the oar; all this moves on a restless and hydrodynamically complex element, represented by the water of the race basin.

Seemingly simple, rowing is a sport with a thousand difficulties, and that requires, among other things, to those who practice it motor ductility, strong coordination skills, and a considerable sense of dynamic balance:

The sequence of movements requires multiple and immediate steps from a maximum of tension of the muscles involved to a maximum possible decontraction of them, in conjunction with the reversal of the direction of the movement;

One must be able to coordinate one’s movements with those of the other rowers with whom one is rowing;

Half of the rowing cycle is accomplished with an unusual backward movement and, in five boats out of the eight provided by the code of races, for some rowers also with the need to correct the course of the ship, directed towards a goal located behind;

In some phases of his action (attack and finish), the rower is required to have a quickness of execution and a reaction time worthy of a boxer or a sprinter;

The rower’s movements must be adjusted to the speed of the boat, which varies continually as race conditions and the course change;

Pitching and rolling of the boat requires the control of all violent movements and making compensating ones.

Excluding races in the lower categories and those regulated by specific codes, rowing competitions are held over a distance of 2000 meters in a straight line. 

This distance is covered in a time that for different race conditions and types of boats varies between 5 and 9 minutes.

The duration mentioned above of the race makes rowing one of the mixed sports, aerobic-anaerobic with high use of the anaerobic lactacid mechanism of energy production.

Rowing was probably the observation of floating tree trunks that suggested to our most ancient ancestors the idea of equipping themselves with a means of locomotion capable of transporting them on water.

The first paintings we find boats represented date back to the 5th dynasty of the Pharaohs (2480-2350 B.C.) and show scenes of boat races on the Nile.

Many centuries later, the Latin poet Virgil describes in the fifth book of the Aeneid, with the effectiveness of a skilled sports reporter, a rowing race organized by the Trojan prince Aeneas to honor his father’s disappearance, Anchises.

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