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On this page, you can find fun activity to do. Here are the printable marathon running coloring pages. You can color all of them with your desired colors. Happy coloring.

Marathon running has an ancient tradition and is a challenge for the body and mind: the training is arduous, and you need strenuous physical and mental resistance in the race.

Free Marathon Running Coloring Pages

The Marathon has a history with very ancient roots: the name comes from a city in Ancient Greece, Marathon precisely. 

According to tradition, in 490 BC, the Athenian soldier Pheidippides ran from there to Athens to announce his victory over the Persians. 

However, because of the effort, he could pronounce only a few words: “We won” before breathing his last breath. 

The distance that is still run today, just over 40 km, is the same calculated from the bridge of Marathon to the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

The most famous legend tells the story of a Greek messenger, Pheidippides, who was charged with informing the people of Athens of the defeat of the Persian Empire in the Battle of Marathon. 

Pheidippides set out on foot to run non-stop. Arriving at the gates of Athens, he rushed into the government assembly and proclaimed the Greek victory, where he fell to the ground and died as a result of physical exhaustion.

From what does the distance of the Marathon derive? The length of the two cities, namely Greece and Athens, is about 40.8 km along the longest southern route. 

After the championship Olympic Games, one of the most coveted honors for marathoners is the finish line of the Boston Marathon, held annually since 1897. 

It attracts athletes from all over the world and, in 1972, became the first major Marathon to officially allow women to compete. Other marathons are held in London, Chicago, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.

Marathon running is difficult, especially for beginners. But why does this discipline attract so many non-professionals? The reasons are different and subjective.

Of all of them, improving your fitness and adopting a healthy lifestyle is the one that carries the most weight. 

Training to run 42 km increases your physical endurance and helps strengthen your heart, improve circulation, and tone your muscles. 

You’ll likely feel mental improvements as well: running produces endorphins, the happiness hormones, which work by lowering stress levels and improving mood.

Many runners also combine their marathon goal with helping others by raising money for charity. It is a source of great inspiration and motivation to know that your challenge will help less fortunate people win their battle.

The Marathon allows you to step out of your comfort zone. For many people, running a marathon can seem like a colossal undertaking, indeed, even impossible. 

Marathon running is indeed a challenge that requires commitment and perseverance, but getting to the finish line allows you to overcome your insecurities and increase your willpower. 

It doesn’t matter if you finish last. You’re still a marathoner and part of an elite club of people who have completed the 42 miles.

Plus, the marathon community is incredibly close-knit, welcoming, and diverse. Training with friends is always more accessible, and many other marathoners welcome newcomers with open arms. 

Once you’ve made your marathon commitment, reach out to your local club or other runners in your city. Chances are you’ll find someone to train with and establish new, long-term friendships.

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