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Racketlon is a combined sport where competitors play a sequence of the four most popular racket sports: table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. 

Racketlon originated in Finland and Sweden and was inspired by other combined sports such as triathlon and decathlon. However, you can find Racketlon coloring pages here.

Free Racketlon Coloring Pages

Players play a set in all four sports, always in the same order, and the player who has scored the most points at the end wins the match. 

Singles, doubles and mixed doubles can be played. Each set is played to 21 points and players serve twice for fairness.

Racquetlon originated in Sweden. Athletes of the four racket sports wanted to confront each other to see who was the best. 

You have to be able to play tennis, table tennis, badminton and squash in the same place. By digging a little, we were pleasantly surprised to see that racketlon can be played everywhere.

The infrastructure is still an obstacle, because there is no multiracket complex at every corner. 

We are used to say that a squash court located near a tennis court is enough to organize a tournament, because we can install table tennis tables and taraflex mats to practice badminton. 

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