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Motorcycle racing is the sport of motorcycle racing. The main varieties include motorcycle and off-road racing, both on circuits and open tracks, and track racing.

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In motorcycling, as in other sports, there are different modalities. It is one of the sports with more different modalities, where you compete with different types of motorcycles. 

Do you want to know them? We explain them below.

MotoGP: This is the queen category of all motorcycle competitions after this competition for motorcycles of a more significant displacement.

MotoGP allows removal of up to 500cc, regardless of whether the engine is designed to two or four strokes. 

These are engines in which greater power is delivered according to their displacement. 

Still, along with this, specific rules receive changes to offer a more significant impact following the performance provided. 

The four-stroke motorcycles can range up to 990cc, and it has even been increased for 1000cc.

Moto2: In the second instance, we find a competition called the intermediate step in the world speed. 

It is a race of motorcycles that are fully characterized towards the power of 600cc with four-stroke engines. 

These engines can be used with teams that can participate and use their machines that expel the least number of pollutants and follow the changes initiated.

Moto3: Now one of the most recognized competitions globally, this is a race that remains in higher categories since the engines are two-stroke, with a power that has been replaced.

The last point that has been involved has a range of up to 250cc, while this is a motorcycle race that remains open for constructor brands, and its cost is limited to even lower prices.

MotoE: Recently added, this is a motorcycle competition in which a motorcycle race is held exclusively for electric models, starting in 2019.

Motocross: This is another modality in motorcycle racing that takes place according to specific circuits that are not done on asphalt, or else in fields through which speed is combined with the necessary skill for proper control on the motorcycle according to natural irregularities that exist in the terrain, such as sharp curves, mountains, potholes, violent changes in the surface, as well as stretches of water, among many others, since this type of motorcycle race is a mixture of motocross and high-speed motorcycling that takes place on mixed surfaces, whether asphalt or dirt.

Trial: Motorcycle race is characterized as a discipline in which obstacles must be overcome without touching the ground with the body, much less falling.

The skills are essential according to the balance and planning of movements to advance in the course, as this discipline is famous for providing high-quality events.

Enduro: Enduro, also known as off-road racing, is a motorcycling modality in which the objective is to perform a series of routes that are usually outdoors in controlled circuits.

It is similar to a longer distance, very similar to rally vehicles, which go according to the competitors who make routes previously established according to every one of the time intervals indicated, so this is a motorcycle race aimed at the endurance of these vehicles.

Rally Raid: Finally, the Dakar rally is known mainly as a motorcycle race within which a discipline is structured according to the stages established in these routes.

It is the route in the field through roads that are in poor condition with off-road motorcycles, being the Dakar rally one of the most anticipated events a year.

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