Espeon Coloring Pages Printable Pdf

Espeon is tremendously loyal to the Trainer it deems worthy. It is said that this Pokémon developed its divinatory powers to prevent its Trainer from coming to any harm. 

Today, you can see espeon here. There is the best collection of espeon coloring pages below. Let’s get the images and color them. Happy coloring.

Free Printable Espeon Coloring Pages

Espeon’s fur is so sensitive that it senses changes in the air and thus predicts its enemies’ attacks and the weather. When indicating its opponent’s next move, it snaps the end of its forked tail.

Espeon is a Pokémon with extremely high Sp. Attack stat. This means that it is better to keep special attacks than physical attacks. Given that, below are the best moves it can learn.

Moves used by Pokémon of the same type have their base damage increased by 50%. We call this the same kind of attack bonus (STAB). 

The psychic will be your Espeon’s STAB move. Meanwhile, Shadow Ball and Dazzling Gleam are powerful moves that are super effective against Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon, to which Espeon is weak.

Quick Attack is there, so Espeon can potentially get two consecutive turns (or another turn later) when you first use it in Agile Style. After all, next to Sp. Attack, Speed is Espeon’s highest stat.

Download Espeon Coloring Pages Pdf