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Hallo sports lovers, do you looking for a fun activity to do? We have the solution. Here are the printable netball coloring pages. You can get them for free. So let us print and color them.

Netball is a women’s sport, similar to Dutch korfball and basketball, and a game structure related to basketball. 

Free Netball Coloring Pages

Netball is played on a 30m by 15m court divided into three equal parts, with two baskets hanging from a pole at the ends. 

Seven players can only move in certain areas and cannot proceed with the ball in their hands. They must make a series of passes until the ball is given to the shooter, who is the one who must make the basket.

The teams are organized with seven players divided into the goalkeeper (GK), the goal defender (GD), the forward defender (WD), the point guard (C), the attacker (GA), the forward attacker (WA), and the shooter (GS).

The game is divided into four halves of 15 minutes each. The ball cannot be kept in the hands for more than 3 seconds or move from the place. 

Only passes must be made, except for the attacker and shooter, who are the only ones who can score in the team. 

It is a sport known and practiced mainly in Europe. Among some of the British actresses who play netball is Emma Watson.

Netball is played in four fifteen-minute quarters. There is a three-minute interval between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters. 

The interval in the middle of the game is five minutes. The time for injuries can be up to two minutes. The game begins with the first Center pass when the referee’s whistle blows. 

After a goal is scored, the two center players make a new centering pass alternately, regardless of who scores the goal. The referee’s whistle indicates the beginning and end of each quarter.

No player may, either accidentally or deliberately, make contact with another player in such a way as to impede his play. 

For example, they may not push, lunge, throw the body against an opponent, or use the ball to push or make contact with an opponent. 

Players may not hold an opponent or keep their elbows against another player. A player with outstretched arms may not defend against a player who has the ball within 0.9 m 3 ft. 

This distance is measured from the first supported foot of the attacker to the nearest foot of the defender.

A player may stand closer to an opponent without the ball as long as his arms are not outstretched, but no player may use intimidating actions against an opponent with or without the ball.

If the opposing player decreases the distance when throwing the ball, the defender is not considered obstructing because it was the attacker and not the defender who reduced the distance.

Players must remain inside their designated playing areas. If a player leaves his position, a free pass is awarded to the opposing team in the offside area. 

A player may reach out and take the ball in a non-offside area as long as no part of his body touches the ground in that area. If one or two players have the ball when committing offside, a jump is made in that area of play. 

If a player has no contact with the ball, he may stand or move off the field of play but must make contact with the playing area and make no further contact with anything outside the field before attempting to touch the ball again.

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