Beautiful Prince Jasmine Coloring Pages

Jasmine is the Sultan’s daughter. She must find a prince to marry according to the laws of Agrabah. Her friend is her tiger, Rajah.

After having rejected Prince Achmed’s advances, his father, the Sultan, reminded her of her obligations. But Jasmine finds the law unfair and wants to marry a man she is in love with. Tired of being locked in the palace, she decides one night to flee and go to the city. She is helped by Rajah, and she is sad to leave him behind.

At the Agrabah market, Jasmine discovers the population. When she sees a child in front of a shop window, she hands him an apple. Surprised by the seller because she has no money to pay, she goes to have her hand cut off, but she is saved by Aladdin, who introduces her as her sister and who suffers from madness.

Here is a collection of Beautiful Prince Jasmine Coloring Pages. You can download and then print the images that you like. Happy coloring!

Beautiful Prince Jasmine Coloring Pages

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