Free Printable Checker Coloring Pages Pdf

Checkers is a game that pits two opponents against each other and, according to the traditional rules. It is a fun and fast play.

On the other hand, the following checkers coloring pages are fun and fast games. You can have fun while coloring these drawings. So, please prepare your desired colors and happy coloring. 

Free Checker Coloring Pages

Checkers consist of moving pieces diagonally across the black squares of a chessboard, 8 × 8 cells, to capture (eating) the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. 

Each player has 12 pieces of the same color (one red or white usually, and the other black) that are on the black squares of the three rows closest to him at the start of the game. The first to run out of pieces loses.

Checker is easier than chess that can be learned with someone who plays it or with information from books and online. It is possible to participate in championships.  

It can also be played with electronic devices and online against other players. It is excellent to play with children to be relatively simple.

The board is placed between the two players so that each player has a white square in the lower right corner. 

The black pieces are lined up on the black squares of the first three rows, and the white parts are lined up on the opponent’s first three rows; two central rows remain empty. 

The player who plays with white starts the game by moving one of his checkers. A checker can only move one square at a time and diagonally; it cannot move backward, to the right or the left.

If a pawn reaches its last line (the opponent’s first row), it automatically becomes a queen. Another piece is usually placed on top of it to distinguish it from the other pieces. 

The queen can move diagonally forward and backward as many squares as it wishes in a single move, as long as it does not jump over any of its pieces. 

If a pawn becomes a queen at the end of the capture, it cannot continue capturing pieces and must wait another turn to do so.

The pawn captures diagonally, jumping over the opponent’s piece to be caught, falling on the square immediately behind it (in the direction of the capture).

Also, it provided that the capturing player is on a square adjacent to the captured one and that the square immediately behind it is free for the move to end.

The capture with a queen is the same as with a pawn, although it can capture forward and backward. 

Capture in all cases is obligatory. That is, if when a player’s turn arrives, one or more of his pieces is in a position to capture, it will be obligatory to move this or one of these pieces and make such a capture, not being able to choose to move a piece that is not in a position to capture. 

After a capture, both queens and pawns, the piece in question, are in a position to make a new capture. This will be carried out in a chained manner.

And so on, as long as this circumstance of continuing capturing occurs—your move ends when there are no more pieces to capture.

Download Checker Coloring Pages Pdf