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Sharks are perfectly adapted to marine life: their hydrodynamic shape makes them excellent swimmers. Get cute baby shark coloring pages here.

Please choose your favorites, then color them as you like. The shark body is elongated and ends in a heterocercal caudal fin, which has one lobe (the upper one) longer than the other.

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This particular conformation of the tail allows these extraordinary animals to make high-speed shots chasing their prey.

Their body is also covered with hundreds of small placoid scales, similar to denticles, which improve the hydrodynamics during swimming and make their skin as rough as sandpaper.

In addition to being skilled swimmers, sharks are also perfectly equipped for life as predators: they possess strong jaws with sharp, triangular teeth.

In addition to the teeth in use, sharks have several rows of reserve teeth inside their mouths, continuously regenerated and ready to replace those lost or damaged immediately.

But the real peculiarity of these fascinating animals lies in their unparalleled ability to detect prey.

They can count on a highly developed sense of smell, able to detect prey at a distance of more than one km, and on an infallible “sixth sense”: the electro-reception.

Some shark species have additional unique features, such as the hammerhead shark!

The shark or hammerhead shark is part of the large family of Selachimorpha or cartilaginous predatory fish.

The 500 species that make up the large group of hunters with a strong jaw, and consistent size, have specific respiration, that is, through a series of gill slits.

The size can vary from the smallest of the dwarf shark to the whale shark. The body is covered by particular scales known as dermal denticles, similar to small skin teeth that give the animal the typical roughness.

This particularity can be helpful as a form of additional defense and favors the aquatic movement, which becomes faster and quieter.

The shark has many teeth, including reserve teeth that take over if the official ones fall out or break.

Most of them feed on meat, especially fish, except for the maxi-sized ones that prefer plankton.

They are highly coveted for their meat, and their hunting jeopardizes the survival of the species.

Its extreme curiosity pushes it to move around the seas, approaching prey or whatever attracts its interest.

Man is included in the list, but the shark attacks only if it feels threatened despite its name.

It often approaches to understand the true nature of the object that attracts its curiosity and, if it is not on its menu, it moves away.

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