Jellyfish Coloring Pages PDF

Jellyfish are the terror of the sea. But you have to admit that their shapes and colors are beautiful. And so we had an idea: why don’t we prepare some beautiful jellyfish to print and color?

In this tab, you can view our collection of jellyfish coloring pictures. Jellyfish are feared animals in the seas and oceans because of their painful stings, which can sometimes even be fatal.

Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Facts About Jellyfish

There are even legends about giant jellyfish that can sink ships. It cannot be denied that many jellyfish are dangerous or at least annoying. The way they hunt is not active; they wait for their prey to fall into their long tentacles.

The jellyfish belong to a phylum of animals called coelenterates. To the coelenterates belong 10,000 species of jellyfish, 20 of which are freshwater, while all the others are marine.

Their body is characterized by radial symmetry. That is, if we divided the animal according to imaginary lines, they would all be equal and symmetrical.

The vertebrates, on the contrary, to which we humans also belong, have bilateral symmetry, only between right and left. Jellyfish also lack a central nervous system.

Jellyfish are aquatic animals, out of the water they dehydrate quickly, as they are composed for 90% by this substance.

They are animals that nourish of plankton, live free in the ocean without being anchored to any specific place, and they float aimlessly.

They are carried by the currents of cold or warm water flowing in the oceans, and they can only move spontaneously down or upwards.

The jellyfish are divided into leper or suspender, which means that they either hunt fish or filter the water around them, believing food particles, the plankton precisely.

To hunt fish, they use the nematocysts provided by their tentacles. As said, these are cells that secrete stinging or sticky substances, depending on the type of jellyfish. A contact-sensitive cnidocylium activates it.

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