Sea Turtle Coloring Pages PDF Printable

The sea turtle in the coloring pictures below is fantastic. Today is special because you can print then color them with your favorite color. They are swimming in the warm currents of the ocean, waiting for you to color.

Sea turtles belong to the Chelonioidea family and include a total of seven species of turtles adapted to marine life over the millennia.

Sea Turtle Coloring Pages

Facts About Sea Turtle

During the evolution of the species, they have undergone very few changes, and modern specimens are very similar to their prehistoric ancestors.

In the course of evolution, these reptiles have developed physical and morphological characteristics such as to make them suitable for underwater life, including the elongated shape of the body, which is covered by a robust protective shell.

The legs have assumed the shape of real and proper fins, the fingers and the nails have disappeared. They are placed laterally to facilitate the swimming activity, making, however, difficult the movements on the dry land.

The fore fins give the propulsive thrust, while the hind ones, smaller and spatula-shaped, are utilized as a sort of rudder and by the females for digging holes in the sand where they lay their eggs.

Sea turtles have developed a gland, called the salt gland, which allows them to filter the seawater from the excess salt contained in it and expel it through the tear glands, giving the impression that they are crying.

Their eyes are large and have adapted to underwater vision. These turtles are enormous, some, like the lute turtle, can reach even two meters in length and weigh more than 500 kilos.

Their diet is very varied. The adults are almost exclusively carnivores and eat everything they find on the seabed or floating on the surface like jellyfish crabs.

Green turtles, on the other hand, are herbivorous and feed on algae, marine plants, and mangrove roots.

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