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On this page, you will see Under The Sea Coloring Pages. We make sure that you will have a lot of fun coloring this free image of marine animals.

The drawing is, almost always, the first great work of children. It represents their first great expressive treasure since, through pictures, children say many things about themselves. 

Free Under The Sea Coloring Pages

It is important to stress that life in the ocean affects all of nature since marine organisms produce oxygen and remove carbon from the environment; it is a vital part of life worldwide.

The sea is the largest ecosystem on earth, occupying about 71% of the earth’s surface. One can imagine the great variety of creatures that currently live in the seas, most of which have not been cataloged by humans.

Sealife is as complicated as it is fragile. And many species will likely die out before we even have a chance to meet them. 

Some of the most intelligent animals on the planet are at sea. The dolphin’s brain (for example) is bigger and more complex than ours.

And we discover more and more. It is like the giant squid and the colossal squid, which were recently considered mythological beings and stories of fishers.

They happened to find marks of their huge suckers on sperm whales that were caught. Then some started to say “- oops, this bug exists!” and were called crazy and storytellers.

And pieces of their vast paws also appeared in the sperm whales’ stomachs. Then some began to consider existence, and others remained skeptical. 

One day, a giant squid appeared dead on a beach, and the “mythological being” was accepted as a species.

After that, a colossal dead squid appeared, and then several giant squids were seen and filmed. At last, it is no longer a myth.

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