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The drawing shows us the crest of Inter Milan, an Italian soccer team. Color the outer circle, the middle letters, and the star in yellow ochre. The central area is black. The next area is blue, the next black, then blue and black for the last.

FC Internazionale di Milano is the second club historically of the city of Milan and the third most successful club in Italy. With a century-long history, the Nerazzurri have a tradition of playing a lot of foreigners, but things have changed now.

Internazionale Milano Coloring Pages

Inter Milan was founded in 1908, in the Orologio restaurant, by a group of Italians and Swiss who left AC Milan because the club denied foreigners the possibility to play. 

The initiating will of the founders to give the possibility to all the players, not only the Italians, to wear the club’s jersey is reflected in its name “Internazionale”. 

In the same year, one of the most important founders, the painter Giorgio Muggiani, chose the symbolic colors of the club: the black “Nero” and the blue “Azzurro”.

Only two years after its creation, Inter, under the presidency of Carlo De Medici and coached by Virgilio Fossati, wins its first scudetto. 

However, the following years were more complicated. The club interrupted its activity during the war, was reborn in 1920, and then a new political cause came to hinder it: the rise of fascism. 

The club had to give up its name of Internazionale to join the Milanese Sports Union and become the Società Sportiva Ambrosiana. 

It is said that the name Internazionale reminded too much of Communist International and that it was far from the autarkic ideal of the regime.

The dominance of blue and black is always present in the background of the Inter Milan logo. This is the color of the Inter Milan symbol. This color also applies to the club’s jersey.

The concept of the logo is often displayed on the wallpaper. It is a combination of letters that are part of the Inter Milan logo. All the logo, the symbol, and the writing Inter Milan are included inside a large thick circle of very elegant color.

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